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5 Critical Ways Knee Sleeves Impact Your Workout

5 Critical Ways Knee Sleeves Impact Your Workout

Posted by Stephan Maldonado on

Whether you’re an athlete, a newcomer, a fitness buff or a dreamer, if you’re daring to push yourself harder than you’ve ever gone before, you need the support of the most innovative exercise gear on the market today. You need Enerskin, the revolutionary compression gear that uses patented technology to create a dynamic hybrid of compression clothing and medical-grade taping.

Enerskin is for everybody looking to improve their workout through enhanced performance and increased resilience, or anybody who wants to make a comeback after recovering from an injury. For the athlete and the novice, the fitness enthusiast and the casual jogger, Enerskin offers unparalleled muscular support where you need it most.
That includes the knees; a critical part of the body that is subject to intense strain during high-impact sports like running or basketball. The knee is a joint, comprised of bones, ligaments, cartilage, and tendons, and strong knees are essential to a strong performance. Without the proper support, your knees may be prone to injury or tearing.

Enerskin’s bestselling knee sleeves are the first of their kind, an incredible blend of technology and design that help strengthen, protect, train, and stabilize your knees. Wearing them during any workout can help train your muscles and protect your knee from injury. Wearing them after an injury can help you recover faster. So, how does Enerskin do what it does, and why do you need to use it in your workout today?

The Enerskin Edge

Enerskin goes above and beyond your run-of-the-mill compression clothing. It’s technology you can wear; the only workout gear on the market that actually fuses compression clothing with medical-grade muscle tape, for the perfect marriage of form and function. Gone are the days of compression clothing that stretches out after a few wears. Gone are the days of wasting time and money on disposable muscle tape that you have to apply and remove for each workout. Enerskin gives you the benefit of both.

The technology behind Enerskin is highly advanced. We use a patented trio of fabrics that we call GASTEX to create a compression fabric that offers total support without sacrificing flexibility, allowing for maximum movement, sweat resistance, and breathability. Printed onto that fabric is state-of-the art medical-grade silicone taping that contours to the shape of your muscles to provide the ultimate support. Our knee sleeves provide complete protection for the joint and surrounding muscles, reducing the risk of injury while also enhancing performance and heightening endurance.

There are a whole numerous scientific studies that prove the the benefits of compression sleeves. Taking those proven benefits to the next level, let's explore five critical ways Enerskin knee sleeves, in particular, impact your workout.


Train and Strengthen Your Knees

The tailored fit of Enerskin’s GASTEX compression fabric holds your kneecap, your patellar tendon, and the surrounding muscles firmly in place, and the silicone taping is printed onto the fabric in such a way that it enhances this support, almost “hugging” your knees.

By keeping your knee so firmly in place when you train, the Enerskin sleeve not only stabilizes your knee, it improves your form, concentrating your movements and guiding your muscles in motions that achieve the most impact. Our knee sleeves ensure your muscles work together, and the compressing effect of the fabric and the taping provides the perfect amount of pressure to maximize the effects of any workout you’re doing.

Enhance Performance

There’s a reason runners trust Enerskin knee sleeves. Research shows that compression clothing enhances your aerobic threshold, which increases your body’s ability to use oxygen and burn fuel. VO2 max is the measure of the maximum amount of oxygen you can consume, and compression clothes raises that bar.

As a result, you’re able to produce energy faster, and produce more of it, which increases your endurance, helping you exert yourself efficiently for longer periods of time.

Our knee sleeves also optimizes your body’s ability to clear lactate from your muscles. Lactate is a byproduct of intense muscular activity, and a buildup of lactate causes you to feel sore and fatigued. Stimulating the removal of lactate means you’ll go farther than ever before.

Recover from Injury Faster

There’s no avoiding injury. It happens to all of us at one point or another, whether we’re a pro or a casual player. Injuries are common, especially in high impact sports that place intense strain on your muscles and joints. But nobody who’s serious about changing their life will let an injury hold them down.

If you’ve sustained a knee injury, like an ACL tear or runner’s knee, physical therapy will be part of your recovery. Physical therapy can be an intimidating process, but the proper use of a knee sleeve can speed up your recovery time. The sleeve protects your injured knee, providing the support you need when you start moving again, and all the performance enhancing benefits of Enerskin help guide your recovery.

Dominate with Confidence

It’s no secret that when you look good you feel good. Confidence and self esteem play an immense role in your performance, in the gym or on the court. It motivates you. It empowers you to take yourself seriously. It inspires the people around you. Taking pride in yourself lets you take ownership of your game, and pushes you to achieve your potential.

We’ve said that Enerskin is the perfect combination of form and function. The form in that equation is a sleek, aerodynamic design that improves your workout on every level - including the way you look. People have said that our design makes them feel like superheros. The tailored fit of Enerskin gear accentuates your muscles, highlights your form, and exudes style, grace, and all-around badass-ery.


What are you waiting for? The Enerskin movement is growing, with more coaches, professional athletes, and physical therapists experiencing the difference our gear makes. Shop knee sleeves now and become a part of the Enerskin Elite.


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