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Know Your Enerskin: Knee Sleeves

Posted by Eric Grabin on

Know Your Enerskin: Knee Sleeves, Silicone Taping, Compression, and Recovering from Leg Injuries

Enerskin offers a full line of silicone taping compression products, but our knee sleeves might be the perfect product for you. If you’re suffering from an Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL), posterior cruciate ligament (PCL), medial collateral ligament (MCL), or lateral collateral ligament (LCL) injury, or any other kind of leg injury such as runner’s knee, achilles tendinitis, or shin splints, or you experience frequent muscle soreness, an Enerskin compression knee sleeve could be extremely beneficial in your recovery or in preventing further injury. The knee sleeve covers all vital leg areas from upper leg to calf, so you don’t need to purchase an additional calf sleeve. If you’re looking to enhance your leg area muscles’ performance, there’s plenty of other effects Enerskin knee sleeves have that could benefit you.

Injury Recovery & Prevention

ACL, PCL, MCL, and LCL tears are all devastating sports injuries that can take up more than half a year to recover from. Athletes who suffer from these injuries need anything they can get in order to maximize their recovery during this difficult rehabilitation process. Knee sleeves can be great for rehabilitation patients who have finished using their knee braces but still need additional support in their leg areas to deal with continuous daily stress applied to these areas from activities like weight-lifting (it's great for clean & jerks and squats) or running. The most valuable element of the Enerskin knee sleeve for these users is the hi-tech compression; it helps keep muscles aligned to prevent muscle fatigue which can result in further injuries, and helps alleviate pain during and after workouts. This compression enhances the blood flow in these muscles, resulting in less swelling during a workout and faster recovery after a workout.

Enerskin's knee sleeve looks like this when worn correctly.

A study in the Korean Journal of Physical Therapy found that products that utilize silicone taping and compression provided substantial benefits for ACL recovery patients in helping them improve their strength and balance. The silicone taping compression products enhanced users’ proprioception, jumping ability, dynamic balance, and thigh muscle strength. The increased proprioception, dynamic balance and muscle strength can provide relief and an enhanced recovery for those suffering from shin splints or runner’s knee. The muscle re-alignment this product provides would be great for those in the final stages of their rehab of these injuries, or those who have suffered from these injuries and still have lingering pain or soreness from them. Using these knee sleeves can also prevent further damage in these crucial ligaments and leg areas.

The Benefits of Enerskin wrote that the "The best knee sleeves I've ever worn" came from Enerskin. 

Enerskin’s compression knee sleeves aren’t the same as any other knee sleeve, however. They utilize a unique silicone taping pattern that provides effects similar to the effects of therapeutic or kinesiology taping in a reusable form that is easy to use and doesn’t damage the skin like traditional taping can. These sleeves are also made from a unique fabric called GASTEX®, which combines XTRA life Lycra and other stretchable fabrics for a truly unique product fabric. GASTEX® is extremely comfortable, durable, allows for easy mobility and is usable for hours at a time. GASTEX® is also water repellent, and wicks away sweat easily, making it great for water sports or for excessively sweaty activity.

Enerskin knee sleeves can be worn with the taping on the outside during recovery and lo-intensity activity.

Our patented silicone taping technology utilizes an intricate printing system that prints three layers of silicone onto our products. This taping allows for the products to utilize dual functionality, based on how they’re worn. Wearing the taping on the inside provides enhanced benefits for hi-intensity activities, while wearing the taping on the outside enables faster recovery and less soreness during lo-intensity activity and post-workout recovery. This taping system helps prevent one of the most common issues with any knee sleeve - slippage. Slippage can be a real pain, but our taping system is great for preventing this due to its stickage. The sleeves pair well with our compression short tights as well - wearing the shorts over our knee sleeves can prevent further slippage and provide coverage with compression and taping to your entire leg. Click here for more information on preventing slippage. 

Performance Enhancement

Most knee sleeves are mainly for injury rehabilitation and prevention, but Enerskin can also help users enhance their performance. Our sleeves help users improve their jumping ability and their muscular force & explosive strength, as well as their speed and endurance. This makes these sleeves great for almost any sports, but particularly suited for soccer, basketball, running, crossfit, weightlifting, powerlifting, baseball, cycling, gymnastics, martial arts, and hiking. There’s room for benefits for any kind of athlete; if you think this product sounds right for you, there’s a great chance it will help you succeed at whatever activity you need an extra boost in.

Enerskin Knee Sleeves are available in UNISEX sizes on our mens’ shop and our womens’ shop.


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