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Enerskin Knee Sleeves Review by Team USA Triathlon and Cycling Coach

Enerskin Knee Sleeves Review by Team USA Triathlon and Cycling Coach

Posted by Eric Grabin on

Enerskin is a high-tech piece of compression wear. The knee sleeves have medical grade silicone taping that is meant to support and stabilize the muscles around the knee, primarily the quadriceps, hamstrings and calf.  The sleeve itself takes some practice to put on.  The company provides an excellent video on their website for proper application and recommends aloe vera lotion prior to application to prevent chaffing (they are that tight.)

The sleeves combine taping technology and compression to provide enhanced recovery and injury prevention.  The compression is second to none in garments I have worn before.


Enerskin knee sleeves prior to application, turned inside out, to be rolled up the leg.

Patellar cutouts allow for proper placement on the leg. Tough silicone grippers at top and bottom prevent slippage

The Bottom Line:

The Enerskin knee sleeves provide amazing compression and support around the knee.  Athletes with previous injuries that required taping techniques may benefit from the sleeves without adhesive irritation.  Compression products, like this are a great way to aid recovery and may help in preventing injuries. 

Tricia Davis, PT - Co-owner, USAT and USAC Certified Coach, wellness and injury prevention specialist.

Tricia Davis, PT

Tricia is a hyperkinetic, Canadian trained physiotherapist and athlete. Good at seeing the big picture, she is able to focus on the most important specific details for you to achieve success. Tricia thrives most in helping those with limited time by providing evidence based training and skill acquisition in order to make training the most efficient way to attain goals while reducing risk of injury. Tricia is passionate about health, wellness and efficiency in sport while maintaining a balance in all aspects of life.

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