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Recovery Benefits of Compression Sportswear

Recovery Benefits of Compression Sportswear

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This post is part 3 of Enerskin’s series on compression sportswear about the recovery benefits of compression. To read an intro on compression, its history, and the different types, check out part 1 here - What Is Compression Sportswear? To read about the performance benefits of compression, check out part 2 here - Performance Benefits of Compression Sportswear.

So far, we’ve talked about the history, main features, and performance benefits of compression sportswear. While many publications and companies focus on performance (with good reason), they don’t highlighted the recovery benefits of compression sportswear, one of the most underrated yet well-studied features.

In this post, we hope to educate you on just what these recovery benefits are. But first, we’ll dive into the idea behind recovery itself and why it’s important for future performance gains.

What is Recovery,
and Why Is It Important?

Recovery is the process that begins as soon as you complete your workout. During exercise, your muscles break down and need time afterward to self-repair. It’s how your muscles get stronger and how you’re able to perform better with a continual cycle of exercise and recovery.

Recovering well is important because it also reduces the likelihood of injury. If you over-stress your muscles and don’t give them time to rest, there’s a higher chance of strains, sprains, and other preventable sports injuries.

Finally, recovery allows you to perform at your peak the next time you work out. So if you’re looking to set a new personal record or max, you need to recover just as much as you need to perform.

This is where compression sportswear truly shines. Check out some of the recovery benefits of compression sportswear below.

Recovery Benefit #1 - Reduces Muscle Soreness

Sore muscles are a badge of honor after a good workout. But while they’re a good indicator of an effective workout, sore muscles keep you from going back out sooner and feel pretty unpleasant, too.

A 2013 review published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine concluded that people who wore compression sportswear after workout sessions had quicker muscle recovery and reduced soreness compared to people who didn’t wear compression. Compression sportswear worked to counteract inflamed muscles by constricting fluid buildup, decreasing swelling and pressure.

Enerskin’s E75 collection of compression sportswear is designed to be worn in reverse (silicone side out) after working out to help further speed up muscle recovery. It’s one of the many unique features our products offer.

Recovery Benefit #2 - Improved Strength Recovery

Lifting weights is a great way to build muscle and strength. With a faster recovery time, you’re able to hit the weights again with reduced injury risk and increased strength, compared to if you hadn’t worn compression sportswear.

A 2014 study published in Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise backs this up. Study participants were all observed with decreased maximal strength after lifting weights. But the participants that wore compression immediately after working out saw faster recovery of their muscle strength 24 hours later compared to participants that did not wear compression.

Check out Enerskin’s E75 short sleeve compression shirts - powerful compression and silicone muscle mapping support protects and enhances the upper body during workouts and improves strength recovery after workouts.

Recovery Benefit #3 -
Increased Power & Jumping Ability

For athletes participating in sports that require jumping, such as basketball or hurdles, re-gaining even a small amount of max jumping ability after working out could be all the difference it takes to win the next game or race.

A German research team from the University of Wuppertal concluded that wearing compression sportswear after working out reduced the recovery time for regaining peak vertical-jumping ability, similar to the improved strength recovery benefit mentioned earlier.

We recommend the E75 leg compression sleeve set to aid in your recovery. Full leg coverage, from the thigh/quadricep all the way down through the calf, supports the key muscles and tendons the knee relies on. Boost stabilization during your workout and wear them inside out afterward to help improve recovery and peak jumping ability.

Closing Thoughts on Compression Sportswear

With its ability to increase performance and recovery, compression sportswear is an effective way to improve your workouts and races. It’s not surprising that professional and amateur athletes alike swear by their compression gear.

Enerskin is proud to offer professional-grade compression gear to anyone that wants to up their own sports, training, or recovery regimen. Check out our E75 collection today!







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