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Patented medical-grade silicone taping technology

Thanks to our patented silicone printing technology, Enerskin combines the stability of therapeutic taping with the durability of compression clothing to form the ultimate performance gear. Enerskin is the only gear of its kind on the market. Its medical-grade silicone taping supports your muscles, joints and ligaments, keeping them firmly in place as you work hard to stay in the game. Ideal for athletes recovering from injuries, Enerskin helps you focus on achieving your full potential.


Enerskin’s silicone taping design is informed by medical and clinical studies on muscle performance. Each Enerskin product has a unique taping pattern to optimize the purpose of that product.


Our patented silicone printing technology allows for multiple layers of silicone taping to be printed directly onto the Gastex® compression fabric. The result is a more durable product that’s made to last.


Each Enerskin product is made with the user’s experience in mind. Thoughtfully designed and carefully crafted; the precision that goes into each product elevates your game wherever you play.


With Enerskin, you’ll never sacrifice performance for protection. Enerskin lets athletes experience the benefits of therapeutic taping in a reusable form that saves money and doesn't damage their skin.

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