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What is Gastex?

GASTEX® represents the intersection of performance and technology. Designed specifically for Enerskin, GASTEX® is a revolutionary fabric comprised of a trio of three materials that work in tandem with one another to create the ultimate in form-fitting compression gear—an experience unlike any other.

GASTEX® is durable—engineered to withstand sweat and strain, weather and extreme use. But more than that, it’s completely elastic, offering you maximum flexibility to give you the support you need without compromising movement. With superior resistance to the elements, a high thread count, and a sleek, stealthy design, GASTEX® is the fabric of the future. Now, you can join the future of exceptional athletes. Change the game—and your life—by choosing Enerskin to carry you over the finish line.

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This is how enerskin flexes

The GASTEX® trio of next-gen fabrics guarantees an equal distribution of pressure at all times.

CATION [Polyester fiber + Rayon fabric fiber]

Cation molds to your body’s unique form while keeping you cool. This special balance of ventilation and elasticity comes from a complex polyester-rayon combo. Don’t let its glossy finish and vibrant colors fool you; support and breathability are the name of the game.

Xtra Life LYCRA® Fiber

Xtra Life Lycra® maximizes protection without sacrificing movement. It repels chlorine 10x better than the typical Lycra fiber and allows for full, unrestricted range of motion with unparalleled durability.

Next-gen Silicone

Next-gen silicone is the core component of Enerskin and the product of our research and development team. It pushes the limits of silicone to achieve superior elasticity and strength while limiting skin friction and irritation.p

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