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TRX: The Ultimate Bodyweight Exercise

TRX: The Ultimate Bodyweight Exercise

Posted by Stephan Maldonado on

Enerskin products are for anybody who wants to improve their lives by taking control of their fitness. Nonetheless, the Enerskin Elite—at any level of physical prowess—share a common mindset. They are determined, resilient, tough, and above all disciplined. As such, those who use Enerskin are serious about their workouts. They set goals, and they don’t let any obstacles—physical or mental—get in their way. Above all, they seek to challenge themselves.

Who could be more serious and focused than our nation’s own military? And what can be more challenging than the physical conditioning our service members undergo to ensure they remain the best of the best? That’s where TRX comes in—a workout born from the Navy SEALS that provides total strength and performance training to virtually every core muscle group in your body. TRX is an exercise for warriors, and it’s widely popular among fitness buffs from all walks of life—even outside of the military. Have you tried TRX yet? Read on to see if this exercise can help you achieve your fitness goals.

What is TRX?

TRX is suspension training—a bodyweight exercise that utilizes a TRX Suspension Trainer to develop multiple parts of your body simultaneously. The Suspension Trainer utilizes adjustable straps that are anchored to a surface strong enough to bear the weight of your body, such as a door, pole, or column. You then control your exercise—leveraging a combination of gravity and your own bodyweight to exercise your targeted muscle group. There are over 300 exercises you can use with the TRX Suspension Trainer, and adjusting the straps enables you to increase or decrease the difficulty of the workout.

TRX suspension training helps you develop strength and flexibility, and allows you to burn fat and increase lean muscle from your core outwards. Your endurance level will rise, and you’ll develop greater core stability—all by the power of your own weight.

The TRX method was born in 1997 by Navy SEAL Squadron Commander Randy Hetrick, who needed to maintain his peak physical condition during deployments. Before developing the TRX Suspension Trainer, Commander Hetrick would use various objects—like belts and parachute webbing—to achieve the desired effect. By 2001, he’d received his MBA, refined the Suspension Trainer, and begun to generate buzz for this innovative workout method. 2005 is when the TRX experience began spreading through the masses, and since then, TRX Suspension training has become a staple of US Marine Corps training and a growing trend among civilians that shows no signs of stopping.

TRX and Enerskin

TRX provides the most effective strength training by the way it leverages gravity to literally suspend your body throughout different phases of the workout. As you can imagine from an exercise like that, it requires, not only strength to hold the position, but a tremendous level of poise and attention to posture. The intensity and level of exertion for a TRX workout requires the proper gear to enhance your performance and protect you from possible injury.

Enerskin is the only gear on the market today that combines the protective, stabilizing effects of compression gear with the performance enhancement and structural support of medical-grade taping. Athletic tape helps to stabilize your muscles and provide support, which is integral to a workout like TRX—where certain muscle groups must bear the weight of your entire body. Without taping, this can place excessive strain on your muscles, resulting in faster fatigue and a greater chance of injury. Nonetheless, ordinary athletic tape has its limitations. Enerskin, however, utilizes a patented system in which silicone taping is printed directly onto the futuristic compression fabric—a perfect hybrid of athletic clothing and tape that is durable, reusable, and perfectly contoured to your muscles.

The fusion of compression clothing and athletic taping also enhances performance—protecting you from injury while also increasing strength and muscle balance—all of which are essential to the TRX workout. Do you think you’re up for the challenge of TRX? Are you already a TRX champion? Let us know on Facebook or Instagram how Enerskin has impacted your TRX workout by tagging us or using the #enerskin.

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