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Silicone Taping


Enerskin’s cutting-edge products fuse the performance of compression gear with the protection of medical-grade taping to produce the world’s first and only silicone-taping/compression hybrid.

Therapeutic taping is essential for muscular support in athletes of all levels—whether they are recovering from an injury or hoping to prevent one. However, the logistics of incorporating this vital piece of workout equipment into your routine is a hassle. Applying the tape to your muscles before each workout requires time, patience, and extreme care to ensure you’ve applied it correctly. Removing the tape afterwards also takes time, and it can irritate your skin. Beyond the time you spend taping, you also spend money: medical tape is disposable, and maintaining a steady supply can be exhausting.

What if you never had to worry about taping again? What if an investment in a product to eliminate this limitation was an investment in your future—the future of your performance, the achievement of your potential?

A the only hybrid athletic gear on the market today, Enerskin fuses medical-grade silicone taping with our patented Gastex compression technology, to create an exercise experience unlike any other. Our gear provides a durable alternative to one-time-use medical tape, providing stability and support where you need it, without having to sacrifice performance for protection.

Run faster. Jump higher. Endure longer. Recover from injury, and protect yourself from pain altogether. Enerskin’s products provide maximum support to your muscles, increasing your performance and empowering you to push yourself farther than you ever thought possible.

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20 Layers of silicone printed directly on GASTEX

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GASTEX® + Silicone = Enhanced Compression and Stability.

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2mm pores means fast sweat evaporation and superior breathability.


Customized form-fitting gear without adhesives.

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3D stereoscope-taping pattern designed for joint and muscle movements.


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