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Patented medical-grade silicone taping technology

Enerskin’s cutting-edge products fuse the performance of compression gear with the protection of medical-grade taping to produce the only silicone taping compression hybrid on the market today.

By wearing Enerskin silicone compression clothes and sleeves, athletes can utilize all the effects of therapeutic tapings in a reusable form that doesn't damage their skin.

No one wants to sacrifice performance for protection. With Enerskin, you don’t have to. Thanks to our patented silicone technology, Enerskin combines the stability of therapeutic taping with the durability of compression wear to form the ultimate performance gear.

Enerskin’s re-usable products are easy to put on, easy to take off, and don’t require the assistance of a trainer. The material is made to stand up against sweat and water, without irritating the skin. All products are certifiably contact allergy-free.

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What Makes Enerskin Different?

Learn more about what makes our compression clothes so revolutionary.
20 Layers of silicone are printed directly on GASTEX
There is no product on the market like our compression calf sleeves and clothes. Shop now!
GASTEX® + Silicone = Enhanced Compression and Stability.
Invest in Enerskin's revolutionary products today!
2mm pores means fast sweat evaporation and superior breathability.
Customized form-fitting gear without adhesives.
Get the fit and injury protection you need with our compression clothes. Shop today!
Elite products require elite workmanship.
You will not find compression clothes like ours anywhere else. Shop today!
The only silicone-compression technology on the market.

Our Multi-Level Silicone Printing Process

When you buy compression clothes from Enerskin, you benefit from years of development and study.
Invest in calf support sleeves and more from Enerskin today!
Our compression clothes deliver support and security. Shop today!

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