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The only medical-grade silicone compression gear on the market today

Enerskin began in South Korea in 2006, as a solution for ice skaters seeking an alternative to bulky braces. Since the production of the first Enerskin prototype, we’ve continued perfecting our methods, and our products have grown exponentially in popularity. Olympic champions and professional athletes; doctors and personal trainers—amateurs and workout enthusiasts—have all experienced the benefits of the Enerskin edge.

The technology behind Enerskin is one-of-a-kind—a patented hybrid system that revolutionizes compression gear. Our medical-grade silicone taping is printed precisely onto the fabric to conform to the contours of your body, enhancing performance while stabilizing your muscles. Our proprietary Gastex fabric integrates three separate materials to create a futuristic fabric that fits your muscles like a second skin, supporting your ligaments and optimizing blood flow.

Most compression gear on the market today assumes a one-size-fits-all approach. Generic fibers that follow the basic principles of elasticity create a garment that fits tight, but does not truly mesh with your anatomy. Enerskin is the only compression gear on the market today whose garments are engineered specifically to support key muscle groups and promote uninhibited flexibility, providing stability without hindering performance.

Enerskin is truly the most impactful, and certainly the most innovative, compression gear on the market today—and the data supports this. Clinical research has demonstrated the anaerobic and cardio-respiratory impact Enerskin has made on the performance of a diverse range of athletes and professionals. NFL, NHL, and NBA athletes endorse Enerskin for a simple reason: it works. See for yourself, by shopping Enerskin today.

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High-tech Functionality

It’s not just for looks. Enerskin’s 3D stereoscopic taping pattern really helps your joints and muscles work in unison.

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UV Protection

Enerskin protects your actual skin, acting as a natural sunscreen and blocking 95% of UV Rays.

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Element Repellent

Enerskin fabric doesn’t quit on you, period. Its patented material holds form even in extreme heat, cold, and/or moisture.

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Temperature and Sweat Control

Enerskin acts fast, helping to adjust body temperature or rapidly dry excess sweat.

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Weight Loss

Enerskin’s innovative taping stimulates fat burn during workouts.

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Recovery Aid

Injuries heal faster and are avoided altogether thanks to Enerskin’s proprietary pressure technology, which targets individual muscles and joints. Shop today!

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Tested & Proven Performance Enhancement

We put Enerskin to the test and saw what it could really do. The following data was gathered through public health trials and rehabilitation research centers in the United States and South Korea.

The clinical trial results of Enerskin

1st - Test results without Enerskin

2nd - Test results with Enerskin

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