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Enerskin was developed to improve on existing taping, sport taping, and compression performance gear. enerskin is the first product in the u.s. market that combines the strengths of all three technologies in one easily wearable gear.


Invention patent acquired (No. 10 - 0989829)
A sport taping gear with screen-printed silicone, urethane, and rubber integral pattern on highly elastic double-sided fabric.

Invention patent acquired (No. 10 - 0989828)
It can disguise fatal scars less-visible.

Invention patent acquired (No.10 - 1200852)

Applied for U.S. patent (No.US - 2013 - 0160189 - A1)
Technology that enables both sides of the highly elastic fabric to have subdivided screen-printing methods so that when a person wears it, it can support delicately measured pressure on designated part of his/her body.

Applied for a new invention patent in 2013 (No.10 - 2013 - 0093696)

U.S. patent Issued in 2014 (Patent # 8,832,863)
Sports taping tights include multi-layered coats of silicone or urethane on sections in the front and back of muscle parts applied by multi-step print coating to provide selective distribution of stronger fabric tension without necessitating cutting of main fabric, thereby maximizing the tightness of the contact of fabric with body, assisting and reinforcing the muscles and ligaments, enhancing the mobility of the body, protecting and increasing the power of muscles and ligaments and protecting the body.

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