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The E75 Difference: How we made our product BETTER!

The E75 Difference: How we made our product BETTER!

Posted by Admin Enerskin on

Enerskin is excited to announce the E75, our all-new premium line of compression gear!

We’ve listened to our customers, gone back to the drawing board, and completely redesigned our flagship collection to be stronger, lighter, easier to wear, and now Germanium-enriched.

Many of our customers who loved the E70 collection have asked us how the E75 collection compares. Like the previous E70 collection, the E75 combines the benefits of controlled compression with an integrated layer of silicone therapeutic taping for added support and protection.

Better yet, we’ve added bigger improvements we’d like to share with you in this post. Read on for a more detailed breakdown of the new features the E75 collection brings to the table.


Enerskin uses the latest research in sports medicine to develop the most effective muscle mapping support tape. The E75 has modified taping lines for its Long Sleeve Shirt, Short Sleeve Shirt, and Tank Top. We eliminated the previous E70 silicone lines on the lower back and replaced it with a single taping line that extends to the side, improving fit and torque movement at your waist. 


We understand that as an athlete, you want to minimize as many outside distractions as possible to get into the zone. That’s why our Leg Sleeve, Knee Sleeve, Elbow Sleeve, and Calf Sleeve now have comb stripe-patterned bands that prevent the sleeves from slipping down. Say goodbye to constant readjustments on the fly.


Enerskin reconstructed the silicone taping lines entirely for the E75 collection. Our CELTEC technology now infuses Germanium into our silicone - proven to increase circulation while reducing pain, stiffness, swelling, and fatigue. The Germanium in the E75 activates on contact with skin and increases circulation within just minutes, aiding performance and recovery.


An example of our commitment to getting the smallest details right is our decision to modify the silicone thickness and blend for the E75 collection. Compared to the E70 series, the E75 uses a softer silicone that’s easier on the skin and eliminates the hassle of stretching the silicone before wearing.


Enerskin is the first compression wear to release fabric composition - 65% nylon and 35% spandex. Our revolutionary Hyperflex fabric was carefully tested and developed to provide the exceptional hold of professional grade compression with superior comfort even during the hardest workouts. The E75 collection has also switched to the Odreum Sewing method to construct smoother seams that are virtually tear resistant.




We understand that as athletes, you place high value on well-fitting gear. The E75 collection simplifies product sizing by offering standard XS, S, M, L, and XL sizes, designed to fit you right. Forget dividing performance size, fixed size, and endurance size - we’ve done all that work for you with our new unified sizing.



The E75 collection has added a new, more affordable Knee Compression Sleeve providing targeted knee support to reduce strain, pain, and swelling of the knee joint.

Additionally, the full-length knee sleeve from the E70 collection has now been updated to the Leg Compression Sleeve in the E75 collection, offering full leg coverage that supports the thighs and quadriceps all the way down through the calves.

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