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What Sets Enerskin Silicone Taping Above Standard Athletic Tape

What Sets Enerskin Silicone Taping Above Standard Athletic Tape

Posted by Stephan Maldonado on

Enerskin products are the next level in athletic gear for men and women. The only gear of its kind on the market today, Enerskin is the first to fuse the performance enhancing effects of compression gear with the optimized muscular support offered by athletic taping. What makes Enerskin unique is that, unlike traditional athletic tape that must be applied each time you exercise, we use a patented printing technology to print multiple layers of tape directly onto our compression fabric. The result is an exemplar of gear that offers up to 200% more compression that regular compression clothing, enhances your movements, and protects against injury.

Enerskin's Edge Over Athletic Taping

When you use Enerskin, you’re getting all the benefits of athletic taping—muscular support, precise movement control, and increased stability—in a form that is reusable and does not require the lengthy, and sometimes complicated, effort of reapplying before each workout. This two-in-one system of compression clothing and athletic tape saves you time, saves you money, and completely revolutionizes your game.

Another factor, however, that distinguishes Enerskin from standard athletic tape is the material we use. Our taping uses medical-grade silicone to provide a range of therapeutic benefits. Silicone is a natural material, gentle on the skin, and used in a variety of medical applications. It is flexible, yet durable, offering maximum support without inhibiting comfort or flexibility. Because silicone is regarded so highly in the medical profession, our use of this material is guided by clinical and medical studies on muscle performance.

Enerskin's Silicone Taping

Each Enerskin product features a unique taping pattern that is perfectly sculpted to the contours of the muscles for that product. Our bestselling knee sleeve, for instance, is printed with silicone taping that is optimized to support the knee and its surrounding muscles. And our products are versatile. We print multiple layers of silicone onto each piece of gear. The E70 series, our flagship line, uses 14 layers of silicone cells. This makes it ideal for professional athletes, as it protects during high impact activity, high intensity interval training, and also promotes injury recovery. The new E50 series has eight layers of silicone cells printed onto the fabric, so it is best for high endurance training, post workout recovery, and low-impact activity.

As you can see, we’ve taken tremendous care to ensure our patented printing technology meets the ultimate standards for the ultimate gear. Using silicone allows a therapeutic advantage that is not found in most other forms of tape. While every brand of athletic taping is different, the materials they use are often not medical-grade. Cotton is a common material, which promotes comfort and elasticity, but it cannot be worn for very long, it is not waterproof, and its level of support may not be as great. Then there are synthetic fibers, which are somewhat more durable, and offers a better level of support.


While cotton-based or synthetic taping is adequate, neither meets the standards of Enerskin silicone taping. When you consider the quality of silicone, and the limitations of traditional tape, it becomes clear that an investment in a more advanced piece of athletic technology is an investment in the future of your fitness.

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