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What Do Compression Shorts Do?

What Do Compression Shorts Do?

Posted by Eric Grabin on


You've seen them everywhere, people wearing compression shorts at the gym, on a run, at the store, on a cyclist, or even in line at Starbucks(or COFFEED, if you're local to NY—AMAZING coffee!). Compression shorts are those skintight, underwear-looking tights that both men and women wear, almost religiously. If you think people that wear compression shorts are those so-called "weirdos" wearing compression clothing only as a fashion statement or a gimmick they fell for, well, you'll need to try on a pair for yourself. Compression shorts(compression clothing in general) have bursted into the sports gear industry because of many benefits they provide athletes.

Compression Shorts Help Support Your Muscles & Joints

 Any part of your body that is covered by our compression shorts will support the surrounding muscles of your legs and hips due to our state-of-the-art compression fabric. With the added support, your muscles motion is limited(oscillation) during running strides to optimize your movements with great efficiency, which research has been published by the "International Journal of Sports Medicine." Why is this good? By limiting your legs "oscillation" during physical activity, your body conserves energy as opposed to expelling it. Additionally, the Journal of Sports Sciences found that during 60-meter sprints among athletes wearing compression shorts, their help flexion angle was reduced, which aids runners form and overall time. If you're a volleyball, football or basketball player, another study reported decreased muscle oscillation with vertical jump landings—landings are one of the top culprits for torn ACL's; don't be that athlete.

Compression Shorts Provide Stability & Control

With the high-quality compression fabric unique to Enerskin, any athlete that sprints will notice significant help when controlling your hamstrings at the end of the swing motion. Enerskin's Compression Shorts provide immediate assistance with flexion and extension torque during the sprinting motion. With our Compression Shorts, a segment of our taping system runs up the middle of your hamstrings for added stability and control.

Compression Shorts Help Prevent Injuries

You're probably thinking, "a piece of fabric can't prevent an injury, can it?" Well, you're right(for the most part), our compression shorts won't prevent an injury from happening, but our shorts will indeed HELP prevent an injury from potentially keeping you sidelined. Compression shorts improve blood circulation and reduce fatigue throughout your workout and optimize your oxygen intake. Studies have shown a lower aerobic energy cost and an increased amount of lactate retained in the muscles, reducing its entry into your bloodstream which causes the soreness/burn you feel.

According to a book written by Margaret Estivalet and Pierre Brisson, compression shorts delay muscle soreness by compressing the muscle tissue enough so that less damage occurs which accelerates the recovery phase by wearing compression shorts. Additionally, compression shorts help to reduce impact force to your muscles and joints. This is vital to older athletes that may have hip problems due to hip-pointers, misaligned gait patterns, osteoarthritis, weak bones and so on.


Compression shorts have helped athletes in many different ways that make it hard for you to ignore them. Compression shorts support your surrounding muscles and joints by reducing the amount of muscle oscillation to optimize energy consumption. The level of support and stability from compression shorts will help increase your performance by increasing your blood circulation. And what better way to feel confident in your body than by preventing the likeliness of an injury? Compression shorts reduce the level of soreness you feel from lactate during and after your workout, therefore, increasing your performance duration and decreasing the recovery phase. With all these benefits, we suggest you take care of your body with Enerskin Compression Shorts. 


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