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Testimonial: COL (RET) George Harris, US ARMY

Posted by Peter Baek on



George Harris in his running gear and Enerskin


I have been running for almost 39 years most of that time I was in the military (32 years).  Never had any real running issues until the last few years.  Now at age 61 and running 70-75 miles a week my issues with my knees really began to bother me particularly my right knee. 


I have tried many different products to help with the pain during and after running over the last few years none provided much relief particularly post run.  I just happened upon an article about Enerskin products. After a bit of research I decided to purchase both the knee sleeves and the compression shorts. 


Wow, what a difference these products have made in my running.  I am now running virtually pain free in my knees and running faster (like almost a minute per mile) than I had been running. 


The compression shorts really make your hips feel aligned. Both my chiropractor and massage therapist told me my issue with my knees comes from my hips. The compression shorts are correcting the issues with my hips and of course indirectly helping the knees and ITB.  


Both my chiropractor and massage therapist now are recommending Enerskin products to their running clients based on my positive experience.  I thought my real fast running days may be behind me now I feel confident I can continue to run with speed for many years to come.  Thanks Enerskin for a fantastic product.



COL (RET) George Harris

US Army


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