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Product Review - Eric Ulliman from Columbus, Ohio

Posted by Alan Bench on

Eric Ulliman, an Enerskin customer from Ohio, asked us if we wanted to hear about his experience. We were thrilled to hear about the difference Enerskin made to him. Eric turned to Enerskin after having extensive surgeries on his knees, surgeries that he himself described as "More than usual." He found that Enerskin knee sleeves enabled him to feel almost as good as he did pre-injury, and that it worked better to help him than anything else he tried.

"I tore my ACL and meniscus in February of 2013 playing basketball. The doctor used my hamstring tendon to make my new ACL. After 3 months of rehab, I was slowly getting back and improving, until about 6 months post-op. I returned to the doctor and discovered my meniscus was torn again. During that 2nd surgery they found bone particles in my joint and discovered a crater formed, about the size of a nickel, on the lateral femoral condyle. They drilled 8 holes up into my femur and repaired my meniscus. That surgery was in January of 2014. I Again began to recover until mid-May, when I began to have swelling and pain again. After another appointment they told me I had no cartilage left in my knee. I went in for a Denovo procedure. (This procedure takes cartilage from a juvenile cadaver and implants it into my knee.) Again my meniscus also needed repair.

So, following 3 knee surgeries and countless knee draining appointments I was still in pain. This January they did a Synvisc injection but had no relief. I was told they either try an experimental surgery in the fall or a knee replacement. At the age of 24 the knee replacement is the last option. I found this Enerskin knee sleeve product and decided it was worth a try. I have been working out with it on and also just walking around at work with it. I have to say this is the most pain relief I have had since before any of my surgeries. I have ran for the first time in awhile and doing things I haven't done in 2 years. This product has been great for me and I really wish I had this before my injury.

Young athletes need to understand the importance of injury prevention. As an exercise science major in college, I was able to learn about the anatomy and biomechanics of the human body. I think it is as important, if not more important, to educate before the injury happens.  Again I want to thank [Enerskin] for this product. I told myself even if this just relieves pain and I still can't run that it was worth it. This has done more than that."

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