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Never Bring Your Sweats to the Mat: Find the Right Yoga Gear

Never Bring Your Sweats to the Mat: Find the Right Yoga Gear

Posted by Stephan Maldonado on

Yoga: it is an art as well as an exercise – a popular and effective way to unwind from stress, build strength, and even recover from injury. Yoga has even been found to build pain tolerance. It is a skillful blend of meditation and mindfulness with intense physical training and self-discipline. Whether you’re a beginner, or you’ve been practicing yoga for years, you’ve already seen how much training it requires of your body. Investing yourself wholeheartedly in yoga – whether you take a class twice a week after work, or practice on your own every Sunday – involves a high level of physicality, muscle training, and flexibility.

Yoga has been around forever – but have your yoga clothes been too? Investing your time into any sport is an investment in yourself, and part of that entails taking your gear seriously. What’s the best type of gear for practicing yoga, and how can Enerskin’s revolutionary, wearable technology enhance your game?

Why Does the Right Yoga Gear Matter?

There are obviously certain clothes you wouldn’t wear to the Yoga mat, but for the most part, comfort and convenience are the most important factors. Flexibility and muscle strength – the ability to, stretch your body into a variety of complex poses, and hold it there – is key to Yoga performance.

Sure, you can get by with some old sweats and generic yoga pants, but this kind of clothing isn’t going to help your form much. In fact, it might make it more difficult to focus on precision and movement; you won’t get as much as you can out of the session, and your performance will suffer.

The right yoga gear should be comfortable: you should be able to move around in it without it impeding your flexibility, and it shouldn’t hinder your ability to stretch your muscles to the fullest extent required by the poses you’re working on. Your gear should be tailor fit, to hug your body comfortably without restricting your movements. It should be breathable, because you will sweat (especially if you’re doing hot yoga), and ideally, should be lightweight enough so that much of your muscles’ exertion is directed towards your body weight.

If you’re putting the time and discipline into mastering yoga, putting some of your money into the right gear as well can help you get the most out of your experience.

Yoga and the Enerskin Edge

Yoga is a sport, like any other, and like any other sports, it requires the proper gear to help you maximize your performance and unlock your fullest potential. As we’ve established – and as you’ve, no doubt, experienced – yoga requires muscle. It may be a low impact sport, but your muscles, joints, and bones are still hard at work. In certain yoga poses, you may actually end up exerting a significant amount of pressure on one of your muscle groups.

Wearing the right gear is key to enhancing your performance, increasing resilience, and protecting against injury, and Enerskin is already shown by experts to improve your workout overall.

Enerskin is the only gear of its kind on the market today; an innovative combination of form and function. Enerskin provides all of the benefits of compression gear and medical taping with a sleek, stylish, and comfortable design that makes it perfect for yoga.

Enerskin uses state-of-the-art technology to fuse the performance of compression gear with the muscular protection offered by medical-grade silicone taping. It is the next generation of workout gear; a hybrid technology that is ideal for athletes recovering from injury or seeking to prevent injury altogether.

While you may not be prone to the same high-impact injuries doing yoga as you might, say, if you were playing foorball, you may still be prone to leg strains, knee injuries, and other such accidents. The Enerskin combination of compression gear and muscular taping helps keep your muscles tight and focused, and reduces the strain you put on them as you’re changing poses.

Introducing the E50 Series

The Enerskin Edge is defined, as we said, by our proprietary fusion of compression gear and silicone-grade medical taping. Our products are made of our patented GASTEX® technology, a futuristic fabric that provides a practical and versatile alternative to compression wear.

GASTEX® is comprised of three unique materials that work together to create the ultimate form-fitting compression clothing. It’s durable, yet elastic, offering maximum flexibility without compromising mobility and support.

Into the fabric, we’ve then incorporated our patented silicone taping; an intricate system of muscle tape is printed directly onto the GASTEX®, providing unparalleled muscular support, protecting from soreness, fatigue, and injury, while also enabling faster recovery time. It also prevents slippage, so you don’t have to worry about stopping mid-pose to adjust your gear.


Now, we at Enerskin are thrilled to announce the new E50 Series: a lighter, yet just as effective alternative to our traditional E70 gear. The E50 series is designed for low-impact sports, using 8 cells of silicone taping as opposed to our regular 14.

14 cells of silicones are used in the E70 to support high impact activity and high intensity interval training, but the 8 cells in the E50 series are just as impactful for high endurance training and post workout recovery. With all of the game-changing features of our traditional product line, and an even more precise emphasis on flexibility and low impact sports, the E50 was practically made for yoga.


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