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Know Your Enerskin: Compression Tank Top / Sleeveless Shirt

Posted by Alan Bench on

Enerskin makes compression gear that covers all the vital areas of the body. The Know Your Enerskin series has mainly focused on the lower body thus far, but there are a variety of upper body Enerskin products that are great for any workout. These products utilize the same patented silicone taping and hi tech compression as the rest of the Enerskin product line, and the same benefits are still present. Our compression tank top can benefit athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and average active people alike.

Pain Relief

Enerskin’s compression gear fits tightly to apply pressure on the muscles and joints of the body. This has a number of benefits; it increases blood flow to these muscles, stabilizing their placement & improves proprioception, reduces lactic acid, and especially reduces swelling and inflammation. Compression shirts have become very popular amongst weightlifters, powerlifters, and those who participate in sports to reduce post-activity swelling and pain. Sleeveless compression shirts are particularly effective in relieving pain in the ribs, back, and waist. Compression gear is a great way to prevent so many workout aches and pains, and during recovery, may work even better than a cold water bath. Many athletes are now turning to compression to help improve their posture. The increased proprioception that comes from compression gear is very effective in improving user’s posture. Better posture can lead to reduced back pain, which is an annoying ache for older athletes especially. Compression gear like Enerskin also can really help with pain relief in the lattismus dorsi muscle, also known as the “lat”, which is the broadest muscle on the back.

Mario Balotelli revealed his athletic taping after scoring vs Germany at Euro 2012

Enerskin’s compression tank top also includes silicone taping, providing a similar function to that of therapeutic tape on the lower back. Remember when Mario Ballotelii took off his shirt to reveal his taped back at Euro 2012? Ballotelli is one of the many athletes who have turned to taping solutions to assist them with their training and performance. Tapings like kinesio tape can stabilize the spinal regions and help reduce the risk of re-injuring or aggravating injured lower back areas, acting as a substitute for manual physical therapy. Taping is also a great way to help relief pain in the areas where athletes most commonly experience aggravation.

Enerskin’s silicone taping solution is more convenient than kinesiotape for a variety of reasons;

Benefits of Enerskin

MMA / World Series of Fighting middleweight fighter David Branch trains with Enerskin's compression tank top.

Most sports taping is unfortunately not reusable, and it can be difficult to apply these tapings correctly without the presence of a physical therapist or physician. Enerskin has a patented silicone taping structure that can be re-used and is easy to wear. Imagine the cost of buying kinesio tape repeatedly and throwing it away after every use! Buying Enerskin instead allows users to not think about running out of tape and spending money on new rolls, and focus on their recovery and performance instead. Buying Enerskin is an investment that can save you money in the long run.

All the benefits of the silicone taping system are all applied to our comfortable GASTEX(R) fabric. What’s GASTEX? It is the fabric used in all Enerskin products, combining breathable polyester and rayon with elastic, resilient Xtra Life LYCRA fibers. LYCRA gives Gastex great water repellency, allowing it to wick away sweat and repel chlorine. GASTEX allows for a comfortable wearing experience for hours on end.

Enhance Your Performance

Glory World Series Kickboxer Wayne Barrett trains with Enerskin's compression tank top. 

Who knows what you can accomplish with better posture and less lower back pain?These annoyances have hampered athletes for decades, and have had their role in ending careers too early. Enerskin’s features that enhance recovery will help get athletes back into the game at the best of their ability. The Enerskin compression tank can also help you enhance your performance and reach a new level. This shirt can help improve users’ torso muscular strength, as well as reinforcing your ribs and balancing the muscles in your upper body. This makes a sleeveless shirt a worthwhile for those participating in baseball, socccer, golf, basketball, track, weight training, cycling, windsurfing, wakeboarding, water-ski, gymnastics, yoga, aerobics, fencing, speed skating, and short track.

Our compression tank top can be purchased in the Enerskin mens’ shop and womens’ shop.

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