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Know Your Enerskin: Compression Short Tights

Posted by Eric Grabin on

Know Your Enerskin: Running & Enerskin Silicone Compression Short Tights

Enerskin offers compression gear for all the vital parts of your body. Our compression shorts could be the ideal product for those looking for compression gear supporting the muscles on their lower back, glutes, and upper leg areas. These short tights have many unique benefits; they can help increase blood circulation, prevent hamstring injuries, and increase lower body muscle strength. This makes them great gear for runners, as well as others who participate in almost any sport, and those undergoing corrective pelvic osteotomy.

Compression Short Tights Uses for Runners

Several studies have found that compression shorts like Enerskin short tights can help increase Anaerobic respiration & blood circulation for runners. The tight-fitting compression gear will often produce a pleasant sensation for runners that can help reduce post-run soreness and keep muscles warm. Compression gear is especially effective in reducing delayed-onset muscle soreness for runners when used during recovery.

Enerskin compression tights are made with GASTEX®, our unique blend that incorporates Xtra lite LYCRA fabric. GASTEX® fabric is very comfortable during activity, even in long stretches of use. Endurance runners can wear compression gear once size larger than their normal size to allow for their products to continue to fit despite the muscle enlargement caused by increased blood flow to the lower body while wearing Enerskin’s compression shorts during endurance activities.

Increased Muscular Strength

Enerskin’s short tights that utilize compression and silicon taping technology can be very useful for those looking to work out the muscles in their lower back, glutes, and upper leg areas. Enerskin shorts are great for users looking for additional stability and alignment in their quadriceps and hamstrings during squats and other similar exercises. This allows for a safer workout experience and helps to enhance the performance of these key muscles. These effects allow for enhanced endurance and stamina during medium and hi-intensity activities.  

Injury Prevention & Recovery

In addition to helping increase performance, Enerskin compression shorts are very helpful for users looking to recover from and prevent injuries. The products are designed for dual use - with silicon taping on one side for medium and hi-intensity activities, and a compression only side for use during lo-intensity activities and recovery. Enerskin’s short tights help speed up muscle repair and reduce recovery time after exercise. The short tights are very effective in helping prevent hamstring strains and other injuries. Studies have found that compression shorts provide increased flexion and extension, which is greatly beneficial in helping prevent hamstring injuries.

The shorts can also help with those recovering from sports injuries, as they help provide warmth to muscles while supporting them & helping them allign properly, and increasing blood circulation to these areas. Enerskin products are Korean FDA approved and covered by Korean health insurance for injury rehabilitation.

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