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Enerskin vs Therapeutic Tape

Posted by Alan Bench on

Enerskin vs Therapeutic Taping

Enerskin’s products utilize sports taping in the form of patented, wearable silicone taping patterns. How does this taping system line up vs other therapeutic taping solutions?

Therapeutic taping systems have been around since 1979, when they were developed by a Japanese physical therapist to serve as a substitute for manual physical therapy in-between sessions. Now, athletes using therapeutic taping solutions to improve their proprioception (in other words, to help align their muscle and ligaments), reduce their post-activity swelling, soreness, and inflammation, and to prevent further pain or injury in damaged areas. KT Taping is perhaps the most popular taping solution that currently exists, and is used by many elite athletes, including olympians, international soccer stars, NFL players and more.

Enerskin was developed in the late aughts, creating a taping solution that would be wearable, as part of a garment. Enerskin’s silicone taping could be sewed onto compression fabric in 3 layers to provide an adhesive like quality onto the skin without the actual skin damaging adhesives. How does Enerskin weigh-up to traditional therapeutic taping like KT Tape? Let’s take a look;

Enerskin is Reusable

Right off the bat, Enerskin has an advantage over other therapeutic tapes, as it is re-usable. KT taping has to be thrown away after its use, and buying a roll is expensive. Enerskin isn’t cheap, but investing into an Enerskin product can help save money on buying more and more KT taping rolls.

Enerskin is Easy to Use

Moreover, Enerskin comes in a form that anyone can apply onto their own skin. KT taping and other therapeutic taping is incredibly difficult to apply correctly. For almost everyone, it takes the guidance of a physical therapist or other medical professional to apply the taping in a way that allows it to be effective. Enerskin’s research and development discovered where the patterns of silicone taping should go onto each of their products, so the taping will be in the right place each time.

Enerskin is Easier on Your Skin

Traditional therapeutic taping requires adhesives to stick onto the skin of its users. This isn’t the case with Enerskin, which only uses silicone to stick onto the skin of its user. This lowers the chance that users would develop skin rashes or irritation. Enerskin’s Silicone taping is sewn onto the stretchable and breathable GASTEX® fabric for a comfortable wearing experience.

Therapeutic Taping is Customizable

Because other therapeutic taping has to be applied to the body on each individual use, therapists and other applicants can target specific muscles and ligaments to apply the taping to. While Enerskin users can buy products that target specific muscles and joints, there isn’t coverage for every part of the body (wrists and ankles lack coverage in the current product line), and the pattern of the silicone taping has already can’t be changed. There’s also several kinds of therapeutic taping available, based on what kind of pressure each individual user needs.

Enerskin Lasts Longer

Buying Enerskin once eliminates the need to go back and buy additional rolls of therapeutic taping. No need to put tape on your shopping to-do list every week if you buy one roll of Enerskin taping.

So which is better?

There are reasons to choose therapeutic taping or Enerskin, but for most athletes, there are far more benefits in choosing Enerskin’s wearable silicone taping solution over several rolls of KT taping over time.

Learn more about Enerskin’s Silicone tape on our website.

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