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Dr. Joseph Sheppard's Case Report Show's Enerskin Enhances Cycling

Dr. Joseph Sheppard's Case Report Show's Enerskin Enhances Cycling

Posted by Eric Grabin on


Comparative Analysis of the Enerskin Garment Technology and the Effects on Power, Cadence and Heart Rate During Cycling Using Pioneer Power Meter and CycloSphere Analysis


My name is Dr. Joseph A. Sheppard.  I am a Chiropractor, health-nut, researcher and athlete.  I started working out at a very early age and learned the importance of exercise and nutrition in health, well-being and athletic performance. Today, I am an avid cyclist, fitness fanatic and I live an active lifestyle.  Regular exercise, nutrition and supplementation play a key component in my health, recovery and improved performance on and off the field.

I believe that using the right training techniques and technologies makes the difference between good results and great results. I created The Happy Athlete to share with you the very best health supplements, sports products, technologies and training strategies. My mission is to give you the information, tools, advice and professional experience to help you decide what to buy and how to get the most out of your weekend warrior or elite athletic lifestyle.

Enerskin Compression Case Report


The Enerskin entered the cutting edge garment technology by combining kinesiotape and compression to achieve the ultimate in performance, injury prevention and compression technology all-in-one. The Gastex is something out of a futuristic superhero outfit, which was specifically designed for Enerskin to both perform thru compression and support with complete flexibility with full range of movement. Silicon taping is a patented medical grade technology. The medical grade taping in the silicone compression clothing utilizes the physiological effect of therapeutic kinesiotaping that is completely reusable and won’t damage/irritate to skin with long term use. The 3-D stereoscope taping pattern is specifically designed for joint and muscle movements to enhance athletic performance, reduce joint stress, vibration and improve muscular strength.  Compression technology specifically is designed to Contour based upon specific anatomic measurements and sizing to create a second skin type appearance supporting ligaments, muscles and joints creating the ultimate stability and performance enhancement design. The material itself aids in sweat evaporation with superior breathability at 2 millimeter pores design.

"Most importantly my experience with Kinesiotape shows that through improved performance, joint biomechanics, post rehabilitation therapy that the Enerskin does all of that without repetitive taping skin irritation and limited individual reproducibility for daily Enerskin is one of the most valuable tools any type of athlete can have as a part of his regular training uniform not only to protect his/her muscles, joints and ligaments but to improve recovery, increase blood flow and enhance natural movement through garment technology of silicone taping."

The Pioneer power meter is the most advanced and detailed power meter system on the market today. The proprietary system measures the force you generate by a 12 point system which is every 30°. The Zero Point Calibration system responds to changes in the environment and temperature and easily learns differences in temperature whether your inside or outside. Pioneer power meter system measures up to 2,150 watts and has +/ -2% in terms of its overall accuracy. Force and torque are viewed on the on-screen data which gives you a more complete understanding of how you’re peddling, what you need to change and what you to focus on while you’re riding. The Force vector display is in real time and with its on screen circular left and right graphics, you will see the efficiency of your stroke peddling, power loss, force intensity and/or force angle while you’re peddling at 3 or 5 second variations. The cloud-based analysis lets you explore 200 data points post ride and 8 GPS tracking measurements. Typically, the higher power equals a greater pedaling efficiency which is the general training rule. The Pioneer power system can objectively document dysfunction, altered pelvic and lower extremity mechanics (short leg, dynamic shoe/cleat or saddle fit differences) or future repetitive Injury. This Pioneer specific force vector data is essential for developing a comprehensive rehabilitative injury program, reduce future repetitive musculoskeletal injuries and improve athletic peak performance. 

This study will compare Enerskin garment technology and the effects on power, cadence and heart rate during cycling using Pioneer Power Meter and CycloSphere Analysis


A 49 year old male was tested using the Pioneer Power Meter system with CycloSphere Analysis and the Kurt Kinetic Rock and Roll Trainer. Testing was performed 2 times for 3 minutes each for the Non Enerskin Intervals and Enerskin Intervals while maintaining approximately 200-220 watts. Five minutes between each interval was allowed for rest and recovery.


Non Enerskin 1 vs 2

Two 3 minute intervals were performed revealing the left leg is consistently more efficient than the right by as much as 10%. History of the Athlete revealed a chronic right hip impingement syndrome and frequent  Subjective hip pain complaint which is consistent with the 10 % difference in power with his previous athletic injury, right hip biomechanical compensation and joint dysfunction.

Enerskin 1 vs 2

Two 3 minute intervals were performed revealing Enerskin 1 was lower power than Enerskin 2 but 10% more efficient. Training with the Enerskin band technology incorporates larger multiple muscle groups and additional recruitment allowing the athlete to train harder with greater efficiency using less time. Enerskin supports ligaments, muscles and joints creating stability and performance enhancement design. Heart rate was also increased using the Enerskin as the difficulty with the Enerskin garment technology is quantifiably objective.

Non Enerskin vs Enerskin

Comparing separate Non Enerskin and Enerskin Interval sessions revealed minimal power differences but Enerskin 1 & 2 showed higher power was maintained with less fluctuations of overall power output. Cadence was significantly higher and more comfortable for a lower 200 Watt effort due to higher muscle group recruitment involvement. There was a significant difference in Heart Rate as the Enerskin silicone taping technology increases the isometric resistance and larger muscle group involvement. The Enerskin garment technology decreases your workout time, stabilizes joint movement, improves muscular efficiency, and the overall quality of your workout.

Be sure to visit Doctor Joseph A. Sheppard's website at TheHappyAthlete.Net


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