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Cross-Training: Full-Body Fitness for the Versatile Athlete

Cross-Training: Full-Body Fitness for the Versatile Athlete

Posted by Stephan Maldonado on

Do you cross-train? If not, you’re missing out on an amazing opportunity to transform yourself into the ultimate athlete. For the uninitiated, cross-training is when an athlete combines exercises from other disciplines into their training to supplement their primary training. This is ideal for athletes to stay fit and motivated during their off-season, but cross-training offers a myriad of benefits all year round.

People who cross-train are stronger, faster, and more resilient than people who don’t vary their routine. By switching things up with exercises that go beyond your ordinary routine, you’re not only developing new skills as an athlete, you’re also developing a well-rounded and holistic approach to fitness. For athletic training and casual workouts, cross-training allows you to utilize every muscle group.

Take running, for instance. While runners excel at speed and endurance, the activity of running only focuses on particular muscle groups—namely your legs and lower core. If somebody who runs only ever runs, then they’re neglecting other key muscle groups. This leads to a muscular imbalance, which can expose them to a higher risk of injury and inhibits them from reaching their fullest potential. When a runner cross-trains—adds weightlifting or swimming to their routine, for instance—they’re building up muscles that running doesn’t focus on. Cross-training ensures that you exercise your entire body.

In tandem with building strength, cross-training may even help prevent injuries—especially for those who play high-impact sports. When muscular development isn’t balanced across all major muscle groups, the underdeveloped muscles aren’t able to support the areas of your body that you’ve built up through a narrower method of training. As a result, your form and flexibility suffer, which leaves you more prone to injury. By supplementing your training with different kinds of workouts, you’re developing every key muscle group, and correcting muscular imbalance.

When you cross-train, you want to focus on exercises that develop skills different from your primary exercise. Combine workouts that focus on endurance and strength with ones that focus on speed and refining your reflexes. A dynamic routine will challenge you to explore new avenues, push yourself out of your comfort zone, and explore athletic skills you might not have ever utilized before. And varying your workout with such methodical precision will help you combat the pitfalls of muscle memory and help you get the most out of your workout every time.

As the most innovative brand of exercise gear on the market, Enerskin is as versatile as it gets—making it perfect for cross-trainers. Our fusion of medical-grade athletic taping and a proprietary compression fabric offer complete protection and performance enhancement. Multiple layers of silicone tape are printed directly onto our compression fabric, perfectly contoured to your muscles and ensuring maximum support, faster recovery, and increased strength.

Enerskin is highly durable and provides maximum flexibility, meaning that it is well suited for virtually any workout. Cross-trainers turn to Enerskin to streamline their workout gear and protect themselves as they begin to explore new exercises that are not yet routine to them. As they begin to exercise new muscle groups, Enerskin offers unparalleled stability to reduce muscle friction, control movements, and prevent fatigue—all while building strength. Because Enerskin is the only athletic gear that can keep up with the athlete regardless of the workout, cross-trainers find our gear to be an effective solution for maximizing efficiency. Shop Enerskin today to begin your cross-training journey.

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