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Enerskin Compression Shorts Aren’t Just for Athletes

Enerskin Compression Shorts Aren’t Just for Athletes

Posted by Jiewhoon Kang on

When you think about Enerskin compression shorts, you need to think about two things at the same time: the benefits of compression shorts and elastic therapeutic tape tape. Let us help you.

Benefits of Compression Shorts

  • Increased aerobic threshold
  • Increased blood flow
  • Faster recovery
  • Less soreness
  • Less fatigue
  • UV protection (sometimes)

Benefits of Athletic Tape

  • Reduction of impacts during training and playing sports
  • Faster healing of muscles and joints
  • Prevention of cramps and soreness
  • Freedom of movement and support at the same time
  • Psychological relief from worry about injuries
  • Fat burning from longer training periods

When you wear Enerskin compression shorts, you get all these benefits without having to spend the time and money to get the support of tape and shorts that eventually lose their tightness. There is a reason Enerskin is Top Rated National® Performance Gear!

The best thing about Enerskin products is that their superior performance is available to all. You do not have to be at the peak of your game to benefit from our revolutionary compression shorts. Here are other people for whom Enerskin is perfect:

  • Construction workers
  • Janitorial staff
  • Medical facility staff
  • Patients working through physical therapy
  • Recovering athletes

...just to name a few. At their most basic, Enerskin compression clothes help your muscles to perform in unison. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing - if you need those muscles to work together so you can come back good as new tomorrow, you need Enerskin.

Whatever you do, get medical-grade taping and professional compression on your team. They’ll carry you though without fail.

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