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5 Reasons Why Cyclists Should Wear Compression Shorts

Posted by Eric Grabin on

5 Reasons Why Cyclists Should Wear Compression Shorts


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    It's no surprise that compression gear for athletes of all sports are beginning to realize its benefits. Compression clothing has slowly but surely made an impact on the sporting industry. And for anyone that's never worn compression gear, it's easy to misunderstand how and why compression gear can help leverage your performance. How can a fabric that compresses my skin increase my physical abilities? Doctors, on the other hand, have been using compression garments for years on patients recovering from surgery to help with circulation to prevent blood clots and swelling. Now you're thinking, if a compression garment can help a patient, can it help for a cyclist? Let's take a look at 5 reasons why cyclists should wear compression shorts:

    1. Compression Shorts Keep Your Muscles Warm

      A majority of compression shorts will fit snug against your skin, restricting air flow to the surface of your body to allow for cooling. But unlike most compression shorts, Enerskin Compression Shorts utilize a patented compression fabric known as Gastex, a high thread-count fabric that has a firm compressive grip on your muscles to allow for greater blood flow. This level of compression enables our compression shorts to keep your muscles warm and supported while cycling.

      2. Compression Shorts Reduce Chafing Abrasions

      Enerskin Compression Shorts have no loose areas but instead conform to your body, preventing abrasions around your groin. Perspiration and rubbing of any two points of contact are normally the causes of chafing abrasions for cyclists. Whether you use chamois cream or not, compression shorts are a great solution to chafing abrasions when cycling.

      3. Compression Shorts Increase Endurance

      Many studies from various institutes around the world have been made on the effects of compression on endurance. Compressing muscles is like squeezing a water bottle to allow the liquid to rush through the tube at a faster pace. This theory can be made about compression gear as it enables an increase in blood pressure and thereby rushing blood to the lungs in order to oxygenate your body. According to Dr. Shona Halso, senior physiologist at the Australian Institute of Sport, states that compression gear may be the defining separation for professional athletes. She states, "research has shown improvements in performance by two to three percent." Although this isn't a significant percentage, athletes feel the improved rate of exertion when cycling with Enerskin Compression Shorts.

      4. Compression Shorts Keep Your Junk In Place

      The goal compression shorts serve is to keep your muscles and joints warm, and in place. However, there are still areas of the body that aren't fully compressed. For men, keeping the male genitals in place normally requires the use of a jock strap. However, Enerskin Compression Shorts keep your junk in place, eliminating jock straps without sacrificing safety and comfort. For female athletes, on the other hand, we recommend using Enerskin Compression Tanks, Shirts or Long Sleeves to keep your breasts safe and secure.


       South Korea Olympic cycling team wearing Enerskin Compression Shorts and Long Sleeves.

      5. Compression Shorts Speed Recovery Time

      After you've finished your long journey of cycling, the real growth begins with recovery. After intensive training, your body is fully circulated, ultimately leaving the most trained areas of your body inflamed. This is where compression shorts come into play. Many studies have shown that compression gear during recovery will help to decrease swelling while speeding the amount of time it takes for the body to recover. Using compression shorts for cyclists is an essential component towards reaching your personal records, becoming worthwhile as it's unlikely to do any harm to your body during the recovery phase.

      Compression shorts have come a long way in the sporting industry, and Enerskin is setting the bar high for athletes wanting to enhance their performance and minimize injury. On top of the many benefits of compression shorts, Enerskin is the World's first and only compression gear utilizing our patented elastic therapeutic taping system which acts like Kinesio tape to provide additional support to your muscles and joints. And now that you've given yourself 5 reasons why a cyclist should wear compression shorts, it's time to improve your performance with Enerskin Compression Shorts.

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