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Avoiding Shin Splints With Enerskin's Calf Compression Sleeves

Posted by Eric Grabin on

Avoiding Shin Splints With Enerskin's Calf Compression Sleeves

Shin Splints

The sun is shining and you're feeling energetic and alive, gearing up for your run. And if you live by a body of water, chances are, you're heading that direction to get your daily dose of sweat. With your shoes tied and your favorites jams blasting in your ear, you hit the ground running. With each and every step, you're feeling confident about breaking your personal record, but then all of a sudden your legs start feeling weird. You stop for a second to feel where the pain is coming from and you immediately notice that your shins feel like they're on fire. Touching your shins, they feel tight, tender and even swollen. Giving your run another shot, but only after a few long strides, you turn around and call it quits. The pain is just too much to handle making you angry, annoyed and disappointed that your run went from one-hundred to zero, real quick. So how can you get back on your feet and running like a champion? By understanding what shin splints are, what symptoms to look for, what causes shin splints, what exercises to perform, and most importantly, how to prevent and reduce shin splints with Enerskin's Calf Compression Sleeves.

What are Shin Splints?

Shin Splints are essentially the pain that runs along your shinbone(tibia) — the large bone that runs in front of your leg beneath your knee and above your ankle. Shin splints are most common in runners, but can happen to anyone in any sport that requires you to be on your feet. The medical term for shin splints is known as medial tibial stress syndrome. The muscles, tendons and bone tissue become over exhausted with a changed training routine.

Shin Splint Symptoms:

  • Pain and tenderness in the lower leg
  • The inability to flex your toes up towards your shin without pain or discomfort
  • Pain in your legs between your knees and ankles that occurs after a few miles of running

What Causes Shin Splints?

  • Worn-out or improper fitting shoes
  • Overpronation
  • Lack of stretching
  • Muscle imbalance

In most cases, only one leg gets shin splints, which is normally your dominant leg. This is normally caused by an imbalance between calf muscles and shin muscles in your lower leg. Another imbalance that causes shin splints is when your foot rolls inward more than fifteen degrees(overpronation). This overpronation causes your ankle to force all the weight to your big toe, causing pain your shins. 

Shin Splint Exercises

Fortunately, you won't need surgery for shin splints. However, if you're an active athlete, you will need to stop running and start resting for a couple of days. And we all know that resting is the most annoying thing to do. If you can't rest more than a day or two, we recommend doing these exercises to strengthen your shin in order to help prevent shin splints in the future.

  • Stretching before and after is a vital part to reducing the likeliness of shin splints. Be sure to stretch your Achilles tendon, shins and calves.
  • Another stretch that will help strengthen your shins and calf muscles is to trace the alphabet on the floor with your toes. To increase difficulty, trace the alphabet while picking up marbles.
  • To strengthen your shin and calf muscles, try walking on your heels for thirty seconds at a time, alternating between each heel. Try to maintain consistency by doing this exercise three times a day.

Avoiding Shin Splints with Enerskin Calf Compression Sleeves

We all can now agree that shin splints are annoying and unpleasant, but luckily for you, we've created the most advanced calf compression sleeve. Enerskin Calf Compression Sleeves are made of our very unique GASTEX fabric which provides the ultimate compression for your lower legs. But it doesn't stop there. With our unique calf compression sleeve comes our patented silicone taping system that's infused onto our compression gear, providing the ultimate form of compression. Once slipping on Enerskin Calf Compression Sleeves, calf cramps and shin splints will soon be a thing of the distant past. The benefits of our calf compression sleeves are felt immediately with an increase in blood flow running through your lower legs, which reduces unstable vibrations in your leg, nearly vanishing or substantially decreasing calf cramps and shin splints. So if you suffer from chronic shin splints, Enerskin Calf Compression Sleeves is the solution to your pain.


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