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Know Your Enerskin: Calf Sleeves

Posted by Alan Bench on

Enerskin features a full line of silicone taping compression products, but our compression calf sleeves might be the perfect product for you. There is overlap between the coverage a knee sleeve offers and the coverage the calf sleeve offers - if you’re just looking for coverage in the lower leg areas (calf, ankle, etc), a calf sleeve can prevent swelling and pain in these regions, and it can also help improve users’ jumping power and vertical leap.  Our calf sleeve is great for users with shin splints - find out more below. 

Pain Relief

Compression calf sleeves are great for relieving post-workout pain. The tightness that is applied via the sleeve to the vital calf regions provides support to these muscles and ligaments, which can help prevent muscle fatigue & other pain, as well as enhance body proprioception & help keep muscles and ligaments in place. Compression stockings have been found in clinical studies to be very effective in reducing occupational swelling in the calf regions. The Reduced swelling these sleeves provide is a great way to help prevent blood clots. The gear have also been found effective in reducing onset muscle soreness during recovery. Compression gear is good for pre-workout activities too, as they increase skin temperature in the compressed regions. Calf sleeves provide additional stability and blood circulation to the calves, two huge reasons why so many people turn to calf sleeves when recovering from shin splints. Shin splints are a very common injury that affect more than 3 million Americans every year, and their pain is hard to prevent if you have a moderate to high intensity exercise regimen.

Benefits of Enerskin

Many people turn to other compression sleeves or taping such as KT tape for additional support in the calf regions. Enerskin combines hi-tech compression and patented silicone taping technology for a wearable experience that combines all the best technology available in activewear in a reusable, easy to use form that doesn’t damage the skin like other tapings can. Our sleeves are made from GASTEX(R) fabric, a unique blend of Xtra Life LYCRA and other stretchable fabrics that allows for a comfortable wearing experience without sacrificing performance benefits. Users have said that Enerskin provides them with unmatched pain relief, and this is combined with all the performance enhancing effects that the compression and silicone taping can provide.

Performance Enhancement

Any athletic product that can help provide so much pain relief during intense exercise will be able to increase their stamina. This is the case with our calf sleeves especially. The enhanced proprioception provided by the stability of a compression sleeve helps prevent the pain that can cause the effects of fatigue to build up. A little bit of extra energy can prove all the difference; just ask any athlete. Enerskin calf sleeves also can enhance users’ jumping power and vertical leaping ability; researchers cite the increased muscle warmth, decreased muscle oscillation, and enhanced torque generated by the hip when wearing compression calf sleeves. The sleeves are especially helpful for those participating in Golf, basketball, soccer, track, and other sports, intensive workouts or activities.

You can purchase a calf sleeve in the Enerskin online store

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