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Know Your Enerskin: How a Compression T-Shirt Can Help with Tricep Tendinitis and Other Upper Arm Pain

Posted by Alan Bench on

Enerskin makes a variety of compression products with wearable silicone taping technology, but the Enerskin compression short sleeve shirt could be the exact product you’re looking for. It combines all of Enerskin’s technology into a t-shirt like design to compress and support the muscles and ligaments in your upper body, especially in your shoulders, triceps, and other upper arm areas. Enerskin’s compression t-shirt is great for people looking for support in the biceps & triceps, those looking for pain relief from tricep tendinitis, bicep tendon injuries, shoulder impingement, and general upper arm pain, in addition to all the support the shirt would already provide.

Pain Relief

Compression gear and taping products are the most talked about technology available in sports today. Men’s health just posted a great article about how compression gear works, and why it’s become a popular pick for fighters, soccer players, wakeboarders, and so many other athletes. Tapings such as KT tape are becoming hot for athletes too, and users include l2-time olympic gold medalist Kerry Walsh, and Italian soccer star Mario Ballotelli. Enerskin combines hi-quality compression on comfortable GASTEX® fabric with patented silicone taping technology to utilize all the features of both taping and compression in one great product.

The Enerskin compression t-shirt is especially great for people who need support in the tricep, bicep, and upper arm areas. Enerskin’s compression gear fits tightly and applies pressure to your muscles and joints. This has a number of benefits; it increases blood flow to these muscles, stabilizing their placement & improving proprioception, keeps their temperature warm, reduces lactic acid, and especially reduces swelling and inflammation. This reduced swelling and inflammation is especially a big help to those who experience pain from tricep tendinitis. Compression shirts have become very popular amongst weightlifters, powerlifters, and those who participate in sports to reduce post-activity swelling and pain. Any compression shirt will also include fantastic support to the ribs, back and waist areas. This compression has been show to help prevent delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). The short sleeve compression shirt includes the benefits of shoulder, tricep, bicep, and upper arm support; some of these areas are not covered by the elbow sleeves or the sleeveless shirt. Enerskin’s products also includes the benefits of sports taping from our silicone taping technology. Many athletes have turned to taping solutions to act as a substitute for physical therapy in the lower back, spine, and triceps. Taping is great for relieving pain, soreness, and swelling and can help improve user posture when worn in a compression shirt. Only Enerskin combines compression and athletic taping in a way that improves upon both.

Benefits of Enerskin

Enerskin is the only product in the market that combines compression and athletic taping into one great product. Our silicone taping is easy to use and doesn’t require a physical therapist for application. It’s reusable, so you can save money on rolls of athletic tape by just buying one Enerskin product. Enerskin taping doesn’t damage the skin either, so you can use it without worry about skin rash or irritation. Buying Enerskin is an investment into the most advanced technology available in sportswear today. If you’re looking for one product that can provide maximum support and pain relief via both athletic taping and compression to your lower back, upper arms, and everything in-between, the Enerskin sleeveless shirt is a perfect fit.

All these benefits from the wearable silicone taping solution are combined with Enerskin’s hi-tech compression and patented GASTEX® fabric. Gastex combines stretchy rayon and polyester fabrics with XTRA Life LYCRA fabric, which is comfortable for long term uses and enables Enerskin to be great for wicking away sweat and absorbing chlorine during watersports and other underwater activities. GASTEX® makes Enerskin durable, comfortable, mobile, and usable for hours on end. Enerskin can be worn backwards for recovery, without the wearable taping system on the skin. Our products, including the sleeveless shirt, are great for recovery, and pain relief, but are also great for performance.

Performance Enhancement

Like Enerskin’s compression tank, an Enerskin compression t-shirt will help improve users’ torso muscular strength, as well as reinforcing your ribs and balancing the muscles in your upper body. The short sleeve shirt also covers the biceps, triceps, and upper arm areas to help them improve their muscular strength in those areas. The enhanced proprioception that comes from wearing a compression shirt also helps users prevent shoulder dislocations. This all makes a short sleeve Enerskin shirt great for Baseball, volleyball, short distance track, crossfit, weightlifting, weight training, martial arts, windsurfing, waster-ski, gymnasitcs, figure skating aerobics, and more.

Enerskin’s compression short sleeve shirts can be purchased now in our men’s shop and women’s shop.

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